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Who are we?

Triatin is a Knowledge Systems company, focused on helping our clients develop, maintain and improve their knowledge systems capabilities.


We are a cost leadership provider, working with our employees and teams to share the profits and risks of business so we compete effectively with offshore businesses. We are proudly Australian with people and offices across the Australia.


How do we work?

We use a templated project managed approach to ensure consistency in all our projects. Our contractors are backed by a bigger team, which ensures continuity and broader skills for clients. We contract through agencies and have earned the trust of agencies to support their business. We have a flat structure, each consultant can choose the work they do and whether they prefer to work on contract or site with our direct clients.

What are our service?

Working with SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Tableau and Teradata we offer innovative services in business intelligence, knowledge management, infrastructure, virtualisation and general IT support. We also work with VMware, Citrix technologies to set up and manage virtual environments, and with AWS, Google and Microsoft cloud offerings as partners and as consultants. Database skills include SQL server, Oracle, Teradata, Redshift, Sybase and many more including remediating MS Excel, MSAccess, PowerBI and BusinessObjects.

Need a pricing plan..

While we have an open pricing plan, feel free to contact us if you want a tailored plan just for you!

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