Consulting Pricing Model

Navigating Success Together: Transparent Value, Tailored to You!

Basic Pricing


Per day Basis

$2300/day full rate

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At Triatin, we’re all about working together with you as partners, not just treating you like a one-time customer. To make this happen, we share the risks by offering discounted rates or adjusting them if we’re taking on more responsibility. Here’s how our approach works:

For partner customers, we will reduce the rate by $400. 

For over 14 days of work, we will further reduce the rate by $400 per day.

All future orders of returning customers will have the rate reduced by $400 per day. 

For every payment within 30 days, a $400 per day discount will be applied. 

Similarly, increasing the duration of payment will in crease the rate by $400 per day for every 30 days after.

Unlock fantastic cumulative discount opportunities with our Consulting Pricing Model!

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