Hard a starboard!



Decision making is almost always time bound, where a failure to act in time equals a sub-optimal outcome in the immediate future. And timeous decisions rely on one critical thing. Timeous understanding of appropriate data.

At Triatin we call that the “Aha” moment. We understand the reason for your investment in your data systems. We understand the need for your data quality to be as high as possible. And we understand the criticality of the timeous availability of the right data.

That’s why, at Triatin we don’t just send a single consultant to “help out”. We back them up with a team, a team that is multiskilled, that knows the work you need done and that can support the on-site consultant at any time they need it.

We develop knowledge systems to ensure the right information is made available at the right time to the right users.

We support existing business intelligence installations in #SAP, #MSBI and #Tableau with a team backed skilled consultant.

We replicate our client’s environments at our offices to test, confirm and develop working solutions for them.

We develop training on client environments, custom tailored to the client’s user base and time constraints to guarantee the best and most efficient use of the technologies.

We project manage all our work in detail, allowing our clients to monitor the burn rate of their spend, assess the value of the results and even understand the complexities and potential business process enhancements in their engagement model.

With our unique open pricing approach, our clients can expect a budgeted project plan, with detailed steps and time frames, resourced, costed and simplified every time they need something done. Whether it’s a yearlong support desk arrangement, or a 5-day report migration project.

Call us. Before you realize “Aha. I am going to crash my business into a bridge.”


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