An annual project plan including the following tasks:-

  • Weekly, Monthly and Bi-annual support log reviews.
  • Monthly analysis of redundant reports and user logins.
  • Quarterly training on site or remote from one of our Business Intelligence trainers.
  • Monthly Business Analysis sessions with key stakeholders to ensure they are getting what they need from BI.
  • Spare capacity on the desk allocated to inhouse BAU development and enhancement tasks.
  • A Team based approach ensures a highly skilled backup team so your dedicated consultant is never without options.
  • The same team includes a ready to run backup consultant in the event yours is indisposed.
  • A clear and readable burn rate report highlighting high cost issues, progress and recommendations for enhancement.
  • A simple, easy to understand Service Level agreement.
  • Based in Australia, in your city 


To ensure the ongoing and consistent support and maintenance of the end to end – data load to business insight – decision support capability of your business.


Lower cost of ownership, peace of mind and guaranteed rapid turnaround, while keeping your knowledge service and decision support leading edge.


Support is billed monthly in advance and requires a three month rolling commitment. 

1+ day per week @A$900 a day (8-12 hrs max per week) A$3,900 per month.
2+days per week @A$850 a day (16-20 hrs max per week) A$7,366 per month.
3+ day per week @A$750 a day (24-30 hrs max per week) A$9,750 per month.
4+days per week @A$650 a day (32-40 hrs max per week) A$11,266 per month.
5+days per week @A$550 a day (40-52 hrs max per week) A11,916 per month.

Managed through Project Management, with complete reports detailing spend, recommendations, detailed logs, open issues and problems.
Terms and conditions apply

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NOTE: You pay for one consultant but they are supported by a team. the rate for the consultant is a junior rate, however they are trained and have experience from seconding other consultants for a significant period already. We will notify you when its time to change your consultant and the replacement will have worked alongside the incumbent for a significant time before they take over, at no extra cost to you.