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Upgrade UNV to UNX? SQL Server? SSIS? Windows?


Is it time to do that upgrade to UNX? SQL Server? Windows? SSIS? All of the above? If its got you a little worried, perhaps the following story will help you decide.

One of our key products is end to end Business Intelligence support, where we “own” the ongoing support, maintenance and upgrade of the BI stack. One client, the local offices of a global media distribution company, is one of our MS SQL, SAP Business Objects stack with some MS Power Platform and Tableau customers. Over the course of the last year, we delivered the following projects :-

1. Upgraded their MS SQL platform from 2014 to 2017.
2. Upgrade their BusinessObjects platform from 4.1 to 4.2.
3. Converted their SSIS ETL system from file to server and to project based.
4. Upgraded their Windows platform.
5. Migrated their reports to UNX from UNV.
6. Developed a Management Toolsuite to ensure consistent management of the environment.
7. Enhanced the performance through addition of aggregated tables and datamarts.
8. Developed a complete financial planning and analytics system that integrates three different source businesses financial data.

Projects like these are not to be taken lightly. This client has one of the highest security requirements in the industry, where just accessing a server needs specialist equipment, three factor authentication and is monitored at multiple layers. Over 300 reports across 12 universes distributed to hundreds of users with access to over 10 years worth of transactional data that is in the 100’s of millions of records, the installation is not insignificant. The data represents multiple organizations and different source systems and calendars and is very complex, integrating SAP data with third party data into a single data warehouse.

After the dust settled we received the following from the client:- “I ran all of my reports this morning which meant amending the parameters of each and they only took minutes. The (one) report returns 3.9m rows and took no more than 10 minutes to arrive in my Outlook inbox. The old UNV Versions took considerably longer and at times it was difficult to schedule them as the query prompt would take ages to appear or not at all. These reports and my new comparative report show that the upgrade to UNX was worth the effort.”

The above compliment came from one of the most technically complex financial users. This user is one where if they raise a ticket with support, you can be sure that all basic and intermediate level options are exhausted, plus a heap of advanced ones. The solution will not be obvious. They are also responsible for a major area of business, working in a senior finance role. That is why this is such a great response.

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