International Women’s Day

Women Festival
International Woman’s Day was yesterday which was also a public holiday in Victoria Australia, where we at Triatin have our head office. This is a good time to reflect on how well we do at promoting equality in the workplace, but first a shout out to the great women past and present that have made and still make Triatin successful over the last 14 years. Here is the analysis. Triatin is 60% female, and our leadership team is 80% female. Our highest paid team members are women. Our lead data scientist is female, our operations director is female, our staff morale lead is female and our financial controller is female. Our teams are diverse, over the years hailing from China, Thailand, South Africa, Australia, India, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Germany, The UK, Canada, New Zealand, Pakistan, Russia, France, Turkey, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Nepal, Bangalore, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Israel and more. Some have disabilities. Some come from poor backgrounds and some from wealth. However it is very important to note, that none of this actually matters. Their gender, ethnicity etc. is coincidental. They are not here as “equality hires” and we are not blowing our horn about the companies gender profile. Nor does their heritage. Or religious affiliation. Or political stance. It would be nice to think our success is borne in our diversity, but that is not the reason. The reason for our success can be summed up in one word. Competence. We have had many people of all genders work with us over the past, all highly competent people. We don’t see the gender, race, life status, physical ability as important criteria for hiring people. We look merely at competence. Will they be able to deliver the quality of service that our clients expect? The difference between us and many other companies is that we see past the gender, past the assumptions of competence, past the traditions. We look at partnerships with out team members, we are social enterprise where we share the successes and failures of the business across the board. Our people don’t see gender in each other, they see competent colleagues who they can trust to be fair and supportive. Try it. Look past the gender. Look past the diversity. You may be surprised at how much happier your teams are. And yes, you will find your gender and diversity profile automatically adjusts to a more balanced, more equitable blend. Just actually put your prejudices aside instead of pretending to. Hope your International Woman’s Day gave you pause for thought. And your thoughts were as pleasant as ours.

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