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Executive Shareholder and Public Reporting System

What it is

A Triatin IT Metrics Datamart solution is a complete Executive Information Systems solution, with the ability to serve up dashboards, performance reports, balanced scorecards and even the entire Annual Report pretty much automatically.

How it works

By storing the data as metrics already,  the reports no longer need to calculate the values from the source system. That is done by the load systems, which include capabilities for automated loading for structured data as well as quick easy manual loading through a capture screen.

Metrics are identified by type

  • a currency or a percentage or a volume for example, by period
  • a year to date, month to date or rolling year value for example and by subject
  • a P&L value or a Cash flow Value per business division, subsidiary location or department.

This way any common or uncommon metric can be created and loaded against any business entity; whether its P&L metrics,  Revenue Statement, Performance or even  Sustainability.


The metrics datamart solves a number of persistent issues in so many business settings:-

  • Timely clean EIS reports and data
  • Easy integration with Corporate Websites
  • Retained History of old or changed metrics
  • Quick Generation of Annual Reports
  • Quick generation of balanced scorecards
  • Dashboards Friendly

Technical Details

Using a relational database we load and store each metric at its completed value, against the various distinct business categories and levels.

We assist you  to develop automated load processes for structured data (e.g. accessing your own data systems or spreadsheets) , or  you can also capture, edit and maintain metrics directly in the system through our GUI capture application

We then assist you in developing reports and dashboards using your own  tools like MS Excel.*

Who We Are

Name dropping

Triatin boasts an impressive list of clientele, including some of Australia’s biggest names

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Members Equity Bank, Department of Human Services, Madison Cross, Australian Leisure and Hospitality, Billabong,  Bakers Delight, Pfizer, APHS, ANZ Bank, CGU, Corporate Investigations, Queensland University of Technology, Universal Music , Wesley College.

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