Monday Muse

Monday, April 23, 2018

Does fixing transport have to be expensive and complicated? What about these ideas? If they are dumb, please elaborate, we love constructive criticism at Triatin.

Why don’t electric cars have replaceable batteries? We are not an electrical engineers, there must be some reason but a battery under the car between the wheels that can be replaced by pushing it out of the car from the side to be replaced with a recharged one cannot be impossible to achieve? Drive up, pay a fee, the system orientates the vehicle, the battery is replaced and drive off

Why don’t electric cars have solar skins? Park in the sun and your battery goes up while you work. Add a small portable VAWT and you could generate even more power. It can be popped up when you park and stowed when you are leaving?

Why don’t we drive smaller electric buggies, driving on to automated platforms that integrate the buggy onto fast moving cargo trains or driving onto flat bed trucks that can drive at high speeds, dropping our buggies off closer to our destination for a small fee?

However this may soon be academic as automated cars and passenger carrying drones replace the current fossil fuel system. We see an automated system where you subscribe to transport like you subscribe to Netflix, simply a service.

In fact that system could be integrated with other logistics where food, purchases and other items are delivered while transporting people. Smaller drones can disengage from your passenger drone and drop off that book your neighbour bought just before you ordered your trip.

Whatever happens Triatin will be here to help with the data.