Onshore IT that’s Cheaper than Offshore? With Triatin its Possible!


To often the assumption is that an overseas location with lower wage rates is cheaper. But is it really? Onshore people end up working overtime to accommodate the time zones, language differences are exacerbated when you add remote communication to the mix and let’s face it, you know you will not get the same consistency in skills over time. All this adds to risk, which any business knows is much more expensive than s few dollars saved on an hourly rate. At Triatin we have worked hard to develop a model that solves that. With skills in a wide range of IT disciplines and innovative days integration, analytic and reporting, plus a wide range of industry experience we can deliver most projects right here where you are. From $600 per day. No, we are not “cheap”. We are priced right for the risk appetite of your business. All work is team based and project managed with our own in-house business analysts. From infrastructure to ERP to finance to virtualization to cloud to analytics to migration to transformation. Let us help you plan and execute your next project.  Locally.