Onshore IT that’s Cheaper than Offshore? With Triatin its Possible!

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To often the assumption is that an overseas location with lower wage rates is cheaper. But is it really? Onshore people end up working overtime to accommodate the time zones, language differences are exacerbated when you add remote communication to the mix and let’s face it, you know you will not get the same consistency in skills over time. All this adds to risk, which any business knows is much more expensive than s few dollars saved on an hourly rate. At Triatin we have worked hard to develop a model that solves that. With skills in a wide range of IT disciplines and innovative days integration, analytic and reporting, plus a wide range of industry experience we can deliver most projects right here where you are. From $600 per day. No, we are not “cheap”. We are priced right for the risk appetite of your business. All work is team based and project managed with our own in-house business analysts. From infrastructure to ERP to finance to virtualization to cloud to analytics to migration to transformation. Let us help you plan and execute your next project.  Locally.

SAP Business Objects Data Warehouse and Reporting Support

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Our client commissioned their sales reporting data warehouse in 2005, using SAP Business Objects (then Business Objects) as the reporting platform and SQL Server as the data storage medium. The company developing the data warehouse used the industry best practice for the day, and was a reputable firm.

Over time however the data warehouse underwent many modifications as new data was added and new systems brought online. In a sense, the data warehouse became a victim of its own success, unwieldy, complex and expensive to manage.

In 2009 Triatin acquired the company that designed the data warehouse and inherited the support  role. Working closely with the local and Asia based IT leadership team, Triatin re-engineered the data warehouse to bring it into more modern best practice design concepts.

We upgraded the SQL Scripts from DTS to SSIS, added slow changing dimensions, consolidated many of the new fact tables built because of limitations in older versions of SQL server and added our unique organic management techniques to the overall support model. Over 300 load scripts and over 100 000 lines of code, with 100’s of dependencies were remediated and modernized.

We also upgraded all the BusinessObjects technology, with hundreds of reports, and some of the most complex Universes in the industry, and we have introduced our ABBIE technology to the stack, facilitating metric analytics for tools like Tableau in their Australian, Taiwanese, Japanese and New Zealand operations.

We now operate an ongoing service and support desk for their systems onsite, manned 8×5 but available when needed 24×7 if asked. We can do this because our consulting services model and project managed team based approach gives our clients onshore services at lower cost and higher consistent quality than offshore can offer.

Triatin is a certified SAP analytics partner, and we have skills in HANA, BusinessObjects full stack, BW and the Data Governance, Information Steward and Data Integration products. We also have skills on the Microsoft BI full stack including Integration Services, and we have skills in Azure, AWS and Google cloud. For any help understanding, using, learning or migration to or from these technologies, call us.

Leverage Integrated Software in SAP

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Many don’t know that SAP Business Objects Data Services represents the coming together of Business Objects Data Integrator and Business Objects Data Quality to become Business Objects Data Services.

This integration of technologies extends beyond these tools, with Information Steward able to create cleansing packages that Data Services can use as Data Quality tools inside the Data Integrator code.

Data Services can also generate universes for Business Objects Web Intelligence and Crystal Reports to use. Information steward also allows for business rules and policies to be generated and metadata analysis to be defined, which integrates with SAP MDG components in HANA and ECC.

OF course we know about using Web Intelligence dynamic content like tables and charts inside Word, Excel and PowerPoint to generate self-refreshing documents and presentations.

Did you know that you can also integrate hypertext links from inside Information Steward policy statements or rules to hop you to another location, like your SharePoint sites or data quality reports?

And Web Intelligence makes an excellent Data Quality reporting tool when a universe is developed on top of the Information steward repository, with a few side tables to cover missing links?

Aside from helping you deploy, develop and manage these tools, did you know Triatin can also help you understand them? We deliver custom local team training on how to use these tool in your environment.

Our training is not designed to replace SAP Training, its more about hitting the ground running – what do I need to know to get started safely?

It’s a consulting exercise for us – we don’t charge per student, rather just for the time we spend with you, and some time to customize the material to your system and environment.  Don’t leave the best tools in your arsenal on the shelf while you bang rocks together – let us help you get the best from them.