Why choose TRIATIN


The Triatin model is designed to work in your favour and is different by having:

An Open Price Model

  • You can determine the hourly, daily and weekly rates before you even call us.

A Team Approach

  • The individual working for you is backed by a team thus ensuring continuity of service if that person is not available.
  • The individual on site, despite having their own specific skill set also has additional skills available to them in the form of the Triatin team.

A Project Based Work Management System

  • Work is broken into tasks, and task logs track the work being done.
  • You receive detailed reports of the work delivered, down to the hour.
  • you can monitor the progress of the project to completion and check any milestone daily, weekly or monthly.

Soft Skills Backup

  • All teams Have access to a qualified Business Analyst and Project Manager.

Core Software Products

SAP, Microsoft, Tableau, Amazon, Oracle, Google, Open Source, as well as Data Science, Data Engineering, Business Analysis and Project Management all in one place.

Team Structure

  • A team consists of 3-5 people
  • At least one Very experienced consultant is a member of every team
  • Even if you use one consultant, the other team members contribute to stay current
  • Trainee team members supplement and enhance the delivery

Team Benefits

  • You always have continuity of service should your consultant need to be away
  • Increased project load can be quickly met with up to date resources
  • Work is constantly peer reviewed
  • The individual has a much broader range of skills than just themselves
  • There is no “bait and switch” – the whole team is known to you

Project Based work management system

  • All work is defined in terms of projects
  • Clear milestones and deliverables are defined
  • Timing and costing are done before a quotes is presented
  • The proposal or statement of work is generated from the project plan
  • All time is logged via our work management system
  • Milestones are ties to UAT

Benefits of the Project Based Work Management System

  • Fixed price projects are realistically costed
  • time and Material projects are easily managed for deliverables
  • Burn rate of a project budget can be quickly calculated and managed
  • We manage the project, making you Project Manager’s job much easier
  • Invoices come with detailed and clear reports
  • User acceptance testing is accurate and focused