4 Key Points on Crystal Reports and Universes


4 Key Points on Crystal Reports and Universes

Once again, I find myself talking to folk about the value of a Universe based Crystal Reports installation. Since SAP included the Universe capability in Crystal reports, many customers of Crystal have wondered how to best leverage the Universe concept, but have not done much more since. Pages and pages of queries used to feed the legacy reports dominate their servers, and require constant ongoing maintenance by teams of developers. A Universe can help dispense with all that quickly. If you are a Crystal reports shop, see if any of these ideas work for you:

  1. A Universe can represent a massive section of the available data sources. Where each query often serves a simple singular function, the Universe can automatically be used to generate countless queries.
  2. Maintaining a Universe is a once off exercise and the modification cascades through all the queries built from that Universe automatically. In a traditional query based Crystal environment each affected query must be individually modified.
  3. Often queries and views are nested to prepare the data for the next level query, until a result is obtained at the right grain. Universes can automate this process with derived and alias tables so the same rebuild for ma slightly different purpose requires no editing touchpoints for the next iteration.
  4. Queries still cannot quickly show the track the developer is heading towards as the code needs to be functional before they can test it. A Universe always produces functional code or prevents non-functional code from being run using context and aggregate navigation, amongst other techniques. This means queries for reports are rapid to build to quite complex degrees.

At Triatin we assist Crystal customers in using Universes to deliver new reports, expand their deployment and maximize their investment. We train your own people on how to develop Universes for your datasets and environment and use them within the Crystal reports framework, and we leave you with the custom training material. If you want to use Universes in Crystal reports, or want us to have a look at your current deployment with a Crystal Health Check, please call us and set up a time for us to visit.

And remember, at Triatin you do not pay per student for your training, you pay for the trainer only at standard consulting rates. Custom courses usually are two days on site and one day preparation so its most likely your training will be 3 days consulting only. A small price to pay for very big value. We also do custom courses on a range of SAP BI products, MS BI products, Cyber Security and Hospitality products.  Our rates are also on our website.