SAP Business Objects Universe Support and Custom training


Are you facing the need to upgrade your universes to IDT universes? Are you a Crystal Decisions customer who wants to leverage the power of universes but needs to know how? At Triatin we help clients to manage and get the best out of their Business Intelligence Installations like SAP Business Objects and Crystal Decisions.


  • We can develop a custom training module for you to show you how to best use the IDT tool to build powerful universes on your own data
  • We can help you migrate reports and artefacts build on the old “. UNV” architecture to a new IDT architecture.
  • We can show you how to use IDT based universes on a Crystal Decision platform including helping you consolidate the views and report queries already built into a universe design.
  • We can teach users how to build, refresh, and use reports on your own universes and with your own data.
  • We can teach advanced report development as well, how to get the most from the formula editors, imbed live report content into Word and Office and even link report objects to web locations
  • Our daily training fee is charged by the trainer, not the student, so up to 10 students can learn to use the tools at the same price.
  • You can keep the material as its been developed for your organization specifically.
  • We have a fully capable Business Intelligence support team and helpdesk to offer ongoing support.


Triatin has been working with SAP Business Objects for over 10 years and our principle consultant for over 25 years. And with a maximum price of $1800 per day with discounts based on your ability to work with us, the cost per student is very low.


Note: this is custom training, specific to your business needs. All basic functions of the technology will be explained and students will leave knowing how to use the tools in your environment to the best advantage for you. For Certification Training please contact SAP directly.