SAP Information Steward and Data Capability

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Global business planning software vendor, SAP, is making sweeping changes to its sales practices in countries around the world, the German company has said, as it revealed it is the subject of a US corruption probe tied to its South African business.

Adaire Fox-Martin, SAP executive board member in charge of global customer operations, said in an interview on Thursday that the company’s ongoing investigation into corrupt sales practices related to South Africa government contracts had led it to take disciplinary actions against three top managers.

SAP Updates

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SAP has introduced facial recognition, machine learning and Internet of Things to enable targeted marketing campaigns and shopping experience optimisation.1

The SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud solution aims to encompass an array of solutions to help companies ensure they use the right messages1 to target the right customers while protecting data and privacy.

Updates include:

Machine learning facial recognition will connects shoppers’ genders and ages to a company or store’s available inventory and stock, enabling personalised product recommendations.
Marketers will be able to use the Internet of Things (IoT) to target devices with personalised offers.
Embedded customer attribution enables marketers to accurately measure marketing campaigns and activities that lead to purchases. Data collected across all touch points gives insight into what’s driving customer conversions and where to reallocate activities and budget.
WeChat integration: by supporting the Chinese social media app, SAP Hybris will enable marketers to expand their reach to more than 889 million users in China.


TIME to ponder

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People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to affect, but actually, from a non-linier, non subjective point of view it is more like a big ball of wibbily wobbly timey wimey…stuff “ The Doctor – Doctor Who (David Tennant)

I like to agree with the creators of Dr. Who here. One of the common mistakes we make is to get trapped in our own perspective, and we struggle to actually see that the experience we have of anything as only one fractional perspective of the situation or event, while there are an infinite number of alternates.

Today a ship takes 3 weeks to get from Plymouth to Singapore when less than 20 generations ago it took many months to years. See what I did there? “Less than 20 generations ago” is arguably a very long time. 17 lifetimes in fact, considering grandfather to grandchild overlap. Or its arguably a very short time, thinking in planet and astronomical terms.

Without getting too deep into a discussion on chaos theory and scale, the science of chaos does show us one of the biggest problems in perspective. Our perception is bound by scale and experience. Which is weird because we are very good at believing we are above the system, not part of it.

One day a significant asteroid will hit this planet. It may kill all life. It has done so before, and it will again. Perhaps a super volcano will erupt before that. Its considered 10 times more likely. Either way, the evidence is so clear and the data so certain, you can bet on it at any odds and win. But when it does, where will we be? At the current rate, based on most people’s perspective of the universe they live in, probably head down thumbs swiping or tapping on a mobile device.

But we are dreaming of our own redemption. With the realization of the value of a capability to at least get into orbital locations of only a few hundred thousand kilometers, all the way to planned trips to Mars and beyond, we are working toward getting off the rock.

It’s an all-in job, with entertainment companies and authors other studios inspiring us globally to dream big, sports and medical people helping us learn better healthier ways to improve our physiology and scientists and business leaders helping us design and build the machines of our dreams, perhaps we will save ourselves before it’s too late.

All we have to do is learn to get along, learn to accept healthy competition. And all that takes is a change in perspective. Perhaps we can then also rethink time, and like the ships of old, overcome the vast increasing distances of our universe to travel to new planets and places to live. Or perhaps, in the DNA of a bacteria or virus on one of the spacecraft already out there – we already have started our voyage – where time is not linear, or even relevant.

Why choose TRIATIN

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The Triatin model is designed to work in your favour and is different by having:

An Open Price Model

  • You can determine the hourly, daily and weekly rates before you even call us.

A Team Approach

  • The individual working for you is backed by a team thus ensuring continuity of service if that person is not available.
  • The individual on site, despite having their own specific skill set also has additional skills available to them in the form of the Triatin team.

A Project Based Work Management System

  • Work is broken into tasks, and task logs track the work being done.
  • You receive detailed reports of the work delivered, down to the hour.
  • you can monitor the progress of the project to completion and check any milestone daily, weekly or monthly.

Soft Skills Backup

  • All teams Have access to a qualified Business Analyst and Project Manager.

Core Software Products

SAP, Microsoft, Tableau, Amazon, Oracle, Google, Open Source, as well as Data Science, Data Engineering, Business Analysis and Project Management all in one place.

Team Structure

  • A team consists of 3-5 people
  • At least one Very experienced consultant is a member of every team
  • Even if you use one consultant, the other team members contribute to stay current
  • Trainee team members supplement and enhance the delivery

Team Benefits

  • You always have continuity of service should your consultant need to be away
  • Increased project load can be quickly met with up to date resources
  • Work is constantly peer reviewed
  • The individual has a much broader range of skills than just themselves
  • There is no “bait and switch” – the whole team is known to you

Project Based work management system

  • All work is defined in terms of projects
  • Clear milestones and deliverables are defined
  • Timing and costing are done before a quotes is presented
  • The proposal or statement of work is generated from the project plan
  • All time is logged via our work management system
  • Milestones are ties to UAT

Benefits of the Project Based Work Management System

  • Fixed price projects are realistically costed
  • time and Material projects are easily managed for deliverables
  • Burn rate of a project budget can be quickly calculated and managed
  • We manage the project, making you Project Manager’s job much easier
  • Invoices come with detailed and clear reports
  • User acceptance testing is accurate and focused

4 Key Points on Crystal Reports and Universes

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4 Key Points on Crystal Reports and Universes

Once again, I find myself talking to folk about the value of a Universe based Crystal Reports installation. Since SAP included the Universe capability in Crystal reports, many customers of Crystal have wondered how to best leverage the Universe concept, but have not done much more since. Pages and pages of queries used to feed the legacy reports dominate their servers, and require constant ongoing maintenance by teams of developers. A Universe can help dispense with all that quickly. If you are a Crystal reports shop, see if any of these ideas work for you:

  1. A Universe can represent a massive section of the available data sources. Where each query often serves a simple singular function, the Universe can automatically be used to generate countless queries.
  2. Maintaining a Universe is a once off exercise and the modification cascades through all the queries built from that Universe automatically. In a traditional query based Crystal environment each affected query must be individually modified.
  3. Often queries and views are nested to prepare the data for the next level query, until a result is obtained at the right grain. Universes can automate this process with derived and alias tables so the same rebuild for ma slightly different purpose requires no editing touchpoints for the next iteration.
  4. Queries still cannot quickly show the track the developer is heading towards as the code needs to be functional before they can test it. A Universe always produces functional code or prevents non-functional code from being run using context and aggregate navigation, amongst other techniques. This means queries for reports are rapid to build to quite complex degrees.

At Triatin we assist Crystal customers in using Universes to deliver new reports, expand their deployment and maximize their investment. We train your own people on how to develop Universes for your datasets and environment and use them within the Crystal reports framework, and we leave you with the custom training material. If you want to use Universes in Crystal reports, or want us to have a look at your current deployment with a Crystal Health Check, please call us and set up a time for us to visit.

And remember, at Triatin you do not pay per student for your training, you pay for the trainer only at standard consulting rates. Custom courses usually are two days on site and one day preparation so its most likely your training will be 3 days consulting only. A small price to pay for very big value. We also do custom courses on a range of SAP BI products, MS BI products, Cyber Security and Hospitality products.  Our rates are also on our website.

Dodgy Dudes

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Dodgy Dudes

Whatever your belief, there is a tendency to think that technology has no ethics. By itself that’s true, same as a rock has no ethics. But in the hand of a human, it becomes something quite different. In the hands of a person, it can be a building block, a weapon, a hammer, or countless other things. It becomes “technology. It’s not the rock that needs ethics though, it’s the hand that wields it. The temptation to steal a little advantage at the expense of the unsuspecting customer is rife, from clickbait title editors, through “lolly” journalism to product sizing and claims in the supermarket. Here are a few of my worst…

  1. Shrinkage. – Products normally sold at 1kg is repackaged into 750g and sold for a lower unit price but higher price per kg. Packaging looks identical to the larger version. 10 biscuits in a package that previous held 12 biscuits. Crisps in a “Jumbo” package where more cushioning air is pumped in that needed to make the package look bigger. Smaller cans. Don’t try say “we are not trying to catch the consumer out”. You are. You know it. You are dodgy.
  2. Portion Control – Packaging in portions of 7. 7? Unless I have a family of 7, 14, 21 etc., I will end up with an odd number of leftovers. Are you kidding me? Who only gets one sausage in a family of 4? Divide a single portion of an unhealthy product into n number of “acceptable health” portions in the packaging. Who will buy a packet of crisps and then eat 5 crisps only? If you are shoveling shite, have the stones to say so. Dodgy as!!!!
  3. Visual Clickbait – “After the break”. So, you have something important for me to see after the break. I watched your adverts and then you told me (again) what I am waiting for was actually coming on tomorrow night’s show. You are a liar. Also, when there is a personal agenda as documentary. Lacking in real evidence, talking up a medical or health benefit claim or harm claim to further your agenda. Using emotive images or stories presented as fact to manipulate or enrage consumers into action in your favor. Manipulate the “working family” or “single mum” or “hungry kids”. Dodgy lying lowlife!
  4. Mental Manipulation – Restock your supermarket to manipulate people into walking past stock they don’t need every few months. Maybe laugh a little while you watch them struggle to find things that should logically be together. Dodgy! Use statistics to manipulate – not measuring all relevant metrics, using foreshortened axis to make the variance look bigger (not starting at 0) and all the other tricks in data visualization that can deceive while looking plausible. Double Dodgy!

I get why some folk will be strict on the terms of business. I accept that sometimes someone may be taking a liberty in a deal they claim to “broker” or in not reporting that side business to their boss. These are dodgy people and even here, I accept that some folk may feel they are wronged when a potential co-conspirator turns out to be less inclined to loosen their ethics. But usually this is an individual, and the per capita stakes are higher. Where it’s really annoying is that its brands I want to trust that engage in this, brands I need to use. Like a pork barreling politician, you only get a short term win for an enormous long term cost. We could have been lovers. Now we are not even friends.

SAP Business Objects Universe Support and Custom training

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Are you facing the need to upgrade your universes to IDT universes? Are you a Crystal Decisions customer who wants to leverage the power of universes but needs to know how? At Triatin we help clients to manage and get the best out of their Business Intelligence Installations like SAP Business Objects and Crystal Decisions.


  • We can develop a custom training module for you to show you how to best use the IDT tool to build powerful universes on your own data
  • We can help you migrate reports and artefacts build on the old “. UNV” architecture to a new IDT architecture.
  • We can show you how to use IDT based universes on a Crystal Decision platform including helping you consolidate the views and report queries already built into a universe design.
  • We can teach users how to build, refresh, and use reports on your own universes and with your own data.
  • We can teach advanced report development as well, how to get the most from the formula editors, imbed live report content into Word and Office and even link report objects to web locations
  • Our daily training fee is charged by the trainer, not the student, so up to 10 students can learn to use the tools at the same price.
  • You can keep the material as its been developed for your organization specifically.
  • We have a fully capable Business Intelligence support team and helpdesk to offer ongoing support.


Triatin has been working with SAP Business Objects for over 10 years and our principle consultant for over 25 years. And with a maximum price of $1800 per day with discounts based on your ability to work with us, the cost per student is very low.


Note: this is custom training, specific to your business needs. All basic functions of the technology will be explained and students will leave knowing how to use the tools in your environment to the best advantage for you. For Certification Training please contact SAP directly.


14 Metrics Your Hospitality BI Should Always Deliver

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Hospitality Business Intelligence

Modern hospitality is highly competitive with very tight margins. To attract and retain guests and still be compliant with local laws, significant amounts are spent to build, upgrade and maintain properties. During peak occupancy, wear and tear is higher, staffing is higher, risks are higher and once capacity bookings are reached, no more revenue can be earned.

However, peaks are never as long as dips, and fighting for margin to ensure a profitable property overall means finding efficiency in every part of the operation. Average hoteliers use Business Intelligence to make decisions that improve performance. A great hospitality business lives by their Business Intelligence feedback. The following is a list of key KPI’s are top of mind for many GM’s and owners.

Revenue: (Actual and Forecast)

• GOPPAR (Gross Operating Profit Per Available Room)

Gross Operating Profit (GOP) / Number of Available Rooms

• NREVPAR (Net Revenue Per Available Room)

(Room Revenue – Distribution Costs) / Number of Available Rooms

• TREVPAR (Total Revenue Per Available Room)

Total Revenue* / Total Available Rooms (*Total Revenue = Accommodation + Breakfast + Spa + Bar + Mini Bar +[Any other extra revenue])

Sales and Marketing:

• MCPB (marketing cost per booking)

= actual production vs the cost of each Sales channel

• Revenue variance from target (by market segment)

• Sentiment score on TripAdvisor

• DRR (direct revenue ratio) percentage of online revenue coming in directly vs third-party sources like OTAs (could be costly)

• RevPar Index vs Compset

• Website conversion rate (from unique visitor to converted bookings)

Other traditional but valuable:

• Online Rating (same as Trip Advisor Sentiment score but more wide spread)

• Occupancy %

= Rooms Occupied / Rooms Available

• ADR – Average Daily Rate

= Total Room Reevenu / Total Rooms Occupied

• Customer Satisfaction (Survey / Guest Questionnaire results)

• Advertising performance and ROI by channel

Having instant access to these and the ability to add and modify the reports to include these and other metrics at various levels is critical to a good BI strategy.

Triatin’s Augmented Business Intelligence tool ABBIE combines data from your internal property management, financial and other systems with data from external sources like the web to deliver these insights in a simple analytics window, and for way less of that precious margin than you may think.

Using historical data and future event data we even calculate optimum pricing strategies, revenue forecast and cost expectations. A ‘forward looking’ balance sheet.