Triatin Natural Knowledge Tree


Data warehouse and reporting tailored to your needs and time-frames

A Common Issue  

 Many organisations face a common issue in developing a good information and knowledge management strategy. How to deliver critical knowledge from systems without A) developing independent disparate datamarts that later have to be integrated into a more strategic solution, or B) trying to twist a client reporting tool to properly represent data from a production system, imbedding critical business rules in a proprietary technology creating a locked in situation, while not getting the flexibility needed for real business intelligence based decision making. The business needs knowledge now, but unchecked BI development makes for a very expensive mess downstream

Triatin Knowledge Tree Datamart Model

An Organic Approach:

The Triatin Knowledge Tree approach addresses this issue head on. By attacking the most critical reporting need first, we build a thread to supply key knowledge to where its needed. However we ensure that when building the foundation thread, we establish the necessary structures for an enterprise data warehousing solution. As new source systems come online, we enhance the infant Enterprise Data Store dimension and fact model progressively, developing the longer term data warehouse piece by piece.

Because we work organically, we achieve a number of benefits:

1. Rapid delivery of value to end users

2. Reduced costs (up to 80% lower than traditional approaches)

3. Organic Master Data Management, as it happens control.

4. An enterprise capable, industry standard data warehouse.

5. Reduces vendor lock-in on existing reporting systems

Clients that have benefited from this approach include major multinationals like Sony Pictures as well as local giants like Members Equity Bank and International energy services.