Decision Perspective


Funny how making a decision can often be a mere coin toss. That’s a pretty valid method if either outcome is acceptable. Making a decision is a directional event, causing a direction to be taken in the flow of the decision maker’s life. It is affected by two things, the first being the goal of the decision maker and the second by the understanding of the at the time, entirely derived from the direction of travel to that point and the knowledge available to them.

If knowledge is Information in action, then the quantity and quality of the information is what will determine the perspective of the decision maker and thus the quality of the decision.  That quality can be measured by 2 main outcomes, the first being the accuracy of direction toward the goal, and the second being the distance closer to the goal the decision takes them.

The question that comes to mind then is why are so many decisions made on such limited knowledge, when so much information exists and is freely available in today’s internet based world? It appears effort is the key driver.  Although the knowledge is available, contextualising it, integrating it into the decision-making process is time consuming and requires effort.

What’s interesting though is that not only is the knowledge often ignored, in some cases its actively avoided. When the information does not concur with the beliefs or preconceived notions of the decision maker, cognitive dissonance occurs. This is unpleasant and requires a change in belief. So many people when confronted with a choice of changing belief or disregarding information that contradict their beliefs will choose the latter.

The availability of knowledge is like the access of water to the proverbial horse. Using the knowledge effectively is like getting the horse to drink. And speaking of horses, not using the best available knowledge systems to support your decision making can make you look like the wrong end of one.  At Triatin we know we can supply the best quality knowledge system, that were it water, it would surpass even Perrier and Avian. All you need to do is drink from it.