The Triatin Approach


Imagine if you could have a 1800 per day expert for 600, on call when you need them.

Imagine you can monitor their progress and see details of the work they do as they complete their tasks.

Imagine if they always work to a plan,  a plan that you get up front, with clear definitions of the objectives, the milestones and the details of how they will deliver your requirements.

If this resonates with you, contact Triatin for your next information technology need. Triatin uses a team based approach, working with a collaborative project management technology that allows us to develop to a plan every time.

We can design a solution in hours,  including detailed steps on how to deliver it and by anyways applying a team approach we always have the most experience for money you can get.

We understand the need to have less stress,  more certainty and reasonable expense. Give us a call, we are very keen to explain it in person.

The team at Triatin.