Project Pricing Model
Triatin sells hours. Through our team-based approach, we have a single level of pricing regardless of skills, as team members share the price. We sell hours of time per 8- hour block, and then discount based on how much risk a client will accept.
BI Support Pricing Model
Triatin serves a number of local and global clients with BusinessIntelligence help desk support. This entails a consultant full time taking calls and managing report and data presentation issues, backed by the cross functional team assigned to the respective client.

Hardware and software

Triatin is a registered supplier of most hardware and software and able to supply these at competitive prices. Triatin procures, install and configure software and hardware for clients.
Network deployment
Triatin provides network deployment services ranging from green fields installations to relocation and re-configuration of networks as well as network optimization services.
Infrastructure planning services
Infrastructure planning is of vital importance to manage the cost of ownership of infrastructure. Triatin provides infrastructure planning services, supporting our clients with best practice advice and practical implementation plans to implement fit-for-purpose infrastructure. Our focus is to not only cater for client’s current needs, but also provide solutions that are scalable and flexible to cater for their future needs.
IT manager services
Often small and medium-sized organizations do not budget / need to have a full-time IT manager that can perform strategic decision making for IT in the organization. Other clients have “IT manager overflow” needs when tackling large projects.  Triatin provide clients with IT Manager services i.e. fill these gaps. The client is provided with appropriately skilled resource when they but also reduce the risk of not having appropriate or adequate resource to provide best advice appropriate for the organization.
IT audit and health check services
Triatin often provides audit and health check services to our clients. The audit service provides the client with an inventory of their current infrastructure and what may be required in the future to meet your requirements. The health check service evaluates your current IT environment and uncovers any vulnerabilities and risks. Triatin has a standard health check service which could be customized for specific client needs.
Disaster recovery
Triatin provides clients with expert advice to establish appropriate disaster recovery (DR) plans and implement these. Our services include evaluation of current DR plans, testing of these plans and risk assessment of current DR plans and infrastructure.