Project and Consulting Pricing and Engagement Model

Triatin Price Model
Simple up-front pricing
  • -$400 Pay in 15 days
  • -$400 Book more than 14 days work
  • -$400 Future Bookings
  • OR
  • $650 per day prepaid, Time and Material only, minimum order 15 days, expiry after 45 days unless additional orders in place. Not available for support work.
  • Long term contracts can have lower per hour rates based on monthly prepaid fees. Please contact us for details.
  • All clients are assigned a cross functional team of 3 to 5 consultants to ensure senior level skills are available at all times. All work is project managed, all projects have a 5% project management and 5% business analysis component included. Burn rate reports will highlight hours and tasks completed versus spend.