Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Software

Triatin has worked with some of the biggest names in business, from multinational wholesalers, entertainment giants, telecommunication multinationals to national retail and logistics firms. We supply government agencies and private enterprise with a full range of services, and we can definitely help you with your software and application needs.

Retail and Point of Sale Systems

The smart move is to consolidate your brick and mortar retail with your eCommerce systems. Triatin can help you implement a single system that integrates supply chain, warehousing, logistics and both on-line and in-store retail sales into a single application. Think of each store as part of a distributed warehouse, able to deliver to any customer whether the stock is bought on-line or in store. Beat the window shopper, on-line buyer trend by being the on-line vendor as well – and make it easier to offer must have add-on services to sales, channelling customers to your point of sale. Franchise? The system can easily attribute the sale to the stock store while still crediting the selling store with the sale.

Services Businesses 

Accountants, Lawyers, Architects, Cleaners, Consultants, and Contractors all have the same single problem, they need to sell time before it passes. At Triatin we have developed projects and collected software to integrate the most tricky service delivery with financial and resource planning systems. Triatin, a long time subscriber to the idea we use the technology we support and supply, has the same needs, so us being well versed in the technologies needed to manage work effort is not hard to fathom. Our consultants are all also expected to understand project management principles, and we don’t use time sheets internally, we log time against tasks.

Manufacturing Businesses 

Manufacturers all have unique properties in their business, and need a platform that is flexible enough to manage those unique properties while still allowing them to maintain their supply chain, QA and sales processes in the common market. Triatin has helped many manufacturers set up work and process management systems, from simple job management through to complete multi-site ERP systems.

Public Sector

From developing collaborative solutions and metric analytics for education management to school support to working with Federal Immigration through to the ATO and on to so many more local, state and federal governments departments and agencies, Triatin has proved itself in the public sector time and time again. With our expert remote work capabilities and all Australian teams, we can serve any government anywhere with almost any technology requirement.